Key People


Steven Stone

Managing Director

Steven Stone is a graduate in Physics and Electronics, he has many years’ experience in business working for companies such as Telcon Metals, Von Roll Transport, Ningbo Ninshing Corporation as both a consultant and Director. Steven has significant experience of working with Chinese companies having been involved as a business development consultant to several Chinese, Taiwanese and UK businesses over the last 23 years, advising on product procurement, intellectual property, joint ventures and general overseas business planning. Steven has also acted for several companies as a consultant, writing business plans and formulating financial forecasts for presentation to banks and institutions including private placing and AIM listing.


Dabin Lin

Technology and manufacturing Manager

Dabin Lin is a graduate in Mechanical engineering specialising in process manufacturing technology and business development. Dabin is also presently a Director of Shenzhen NZP Technology Co. Ltd, he has worked for many years in large public sector businesses including state owned Kaifa in a variety of roles through from product design, production process engineering and in more recent year in commercial sales and marketing management.


Manon Ng

Technical Manager

Manon Ng is a graduate in Mathematics with a master’s degree in computer science. Manon is the key architect of the software platform, he is employed by Stonelin Communications Limited as software support manager specifically developing the front-end user interface for the tracking platform. Manon’s principle function in Stonelin is developing the infrastructure of the entire platform. He has instigated the new working platforms which are fully functional from the UK operation, this has included setting up with our server partner Cypher Media Ltd. The bespoke server, URL and operational platform to interact with the monitoring tracker together with starter test algorithms. Manon’s role going forward is to orchestrate and manage the entire platform development and operation.


Jack Maddocks

Hardware Developer

Jack Maddocks is a young hardworking worker.