Case Study

D Trak Dementia Tracker

What is dementia?
D Trak tracker
D Trak Base Station

Dementia describes groups of symptoms which include memory loss, confusion, mood changes and general difficulty in carrying out day to day tasks. The security of people exhibiting this condition is a major concern for relatives of the suffers and can often lead to a complete change in lifestyle of both the suffer and the relative. In order to achieve piece of mind, this often leads to the sufferer being institutionalised “just in case” he or she goes missing. It is advertised that there are many devices in the market place which track lost people, however in practise this is not the case. The principle problem with any tracking device presently on the market is battery time and wear ability. Any device needs to be wearable on a daily basis by the person with the condition. It also needs to have a relatively long battery life. Stonelin’s design idea is to embed the tracker in a wrist watch design making it easier to wear and relevant to the wearer, “most people wear a watch”. The key factor in the design is that it will have a base station which is Bluetooth connected to the watch tracker. The base station acts as a charger, it will communicate with the tracker and allow the tracker to stay in a low power consumption mode until a fence “set by the user’s career” is breached. At which time the tracking mode becomes active allowing the lost person to be tracked via a web platform or mobile APP offering more than eight hours’ active time.