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Stonelin have developed a vehicle tracker as a result of a discussion with Mediatek. Pending legislation in Russia, where all commercial vehicles will be required by law to use electronic tracking. This resulted in the company researching the market to discover that the vehicle tracking sector is an enormous market. There are a considerable number of companies both small and large who offer a vehicle tracking service however all these companies have one thing in common, the trackers they offer must be fitted by a specialist which normally involves the vehicle being off the road for a complete working day and an associated cost of £250 - £500. Many companies have large fleet operations which accumulate the cost both from a fitting point of view as well as the off-road time and inconvenience, add this to the fact that vehicles are replaced periodically and typically every two to three years and the cost becomes enormous. The Stonelin vehicle tracker is powered from either the cigarette lighter or a USB connection in the vehicle. It is not intended for use as an anti-theft device but simply as a means to monitor vehicle location and driver performance and logistics (telematics). The Stonelin UK development team have designed and developed a bespoke platform in order to monitor and display all activities associated with the tracker. We have considered that people managing the data entry and evaluation of this site may have a limited knowledge of computers and limited time to set up the fleet telematics operation. For this reason, the site is very easy to use. We think our solution is the perfect “turn key” application for simple data collection and monitoring.