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W Trak Care Managment Tracker

Care Management
W Trak tracker - full size
W Trak tracker - ID card

A none interactive time management system has been developed for workers operating in the domiciliary care market. Carers operating in the domiciliary care sector are usually employed by local authorities via a third-party company to provide care to people with a variety of needs. A carer often visits a person in his or her home usually for periods varying from 30 minutes which is repeated a number of times per day. There are three different and referenceable “states” the carer can be in:-

  • Outdoors and on the move from location to location

  • Indoors and carrying out care duties

  • Gap between visits exceeding thirty minutes which would constitute a break period

Primarily information is collected by the tracker, notably position and time. Using these variable factors together with constants such as pay scales, algorithms can be generated to provide useful information for both quantative and qualitative interpretation such as periodic salary, efficiency, reporting and accountability. Presently a manual or at best semi manual system is operated which can cause disputes between the various contributing parties with regard to actual time spent caring for a person. W-Trak is a GPS tracking device carried by the carer incorporating GPRS and RFID which provides a completely “none-interactive” way of determining the time and location of the carer. The data is accessible remotely via a web based platform or mobile APP. Ultimately the data can then be used to calculate salaries as well as pay scale compliance.