The CAN Bus is an automotive bus developed by Bosch, which has quickly gained acceptance into the automotive and aerospace industries. CAN is a serial bus protocol to connect individual systems and sensors as an alternative to conventional multi-wire looms. It allows automotive components to communicate on a single or dual wire networked data bus up to 1Mbps

CAN Phantom is a superior aftermarket CAN-bus immobilizer system, it provides the ultimate protection from your vehicle being driven away even if the thief physically has the vehicle’s ignition keys.

CAN phantom protects any vehicle from all techniques used by the modern-day thief including key-cloning, key theft, even if the vehicle is physically removed it is rendered undrivable when protected by CAN phantom.

The protection offered by CAN phantom as the name might suggest is completely stealth there is no obvious physical equipment on show, when the thief attempts to start the vehicle there are no displays using LEDs or relay switch activation, the vehicle will simply not start until the unique code is entered by the owner.


The system is extremally simple to install and the procedure is normally carried out by one of our registered auto electricians which takes less than an hour. It comprises the CAN PHANTOM module which measures 30x30x10mm and weighs less than 20 grams and is connected directly to any 2 wire peripheral on the CAN system such as rear lights (somewhere preferably outside the cabin).The system works by simply programming a sequence of button actions in a sequence know only to the vehicles owner prior to starting the vehicle, such as 3 rapid flashes on the main bean headlight switch, or any combination sequence of any switch on the vehicle. Following this simple procedure simply start the vehicle. The combination and switch can be re programmed by the user any time